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HelpfulHelpful Tips on How to Use Kitchen Appliances Properly

February 26, 2021by asgadmin

The kitchen is the center of every home. It brings family members together. People are going not only to eat but to discuss family issues, share joys and problems. Therefore, this place must meet the requirements for comfort, aesthetics, and safety. We have useful life hacks on how to select household appliances and correctly organize the space in the kitchen.

Disinfect dishwashing sponges in the microwave oven surface

Despite being washed with detergents, dish sponges accumulate bacteria inside them. They can be hazardous to the health of family members. But they are convenient for washing cutlery from grease and dirt. Therefore, you should not abandon them or throw them away after several uses. To keep your sponges clean, disinfect them in the microwave. Put a damp sponge in the microwave and turn on the device for half a minute. It helps get rid of foreign odors.

Use steam when cleaning the microwave

Cleaning the inner part of the microwave oven causes a lot of problems for housewives. Removing splashes and food debris from the surface is thankless. But steam can simplify the situation. Take a couple of lemons, squeeze out the juice, and add it to the bowl of plain water. You can substitute vinegar for lemons. Place the bowl in the microwave and select the medium setting for 5 minutes. The steam removes greasy stains and disinfects the surface. Wipe with a towel after the procedure.

Use a dishwasher magnet for safety reasons

If you have a large family, you load the dishwasher. In case children have household chores, they may forget to unload the dishes and turn it on again. It will protect against the premature opening of the dishwasher and other troubles. In order not to drive the equipment idle, install a special magnet. Each time you load it, it shows whether the dishes inside are clean or dirty.

Apply stickers to start buttons on all household appliances

If there are children or elderly relatives in the house, put stickers or a piece of electrical tape on the start buttons on household appliances. They force children to do household chores. It becomes easier for elderly relatives to use appliances as well. You can also mark the most frequently used functions on the:

  • washing machine;
  • dishwasher;
  • microwave, and others.

Keep instructions for household appliances in one place

Many people have a drawer in the kitchen for storing useful documentation. However, it often contains unnecessary little things like receipts from purchases, straws from baby juices, toothpicks. But if something happens to the equipment, then the instructions become very difficult to find. It is either overloaded with rubbish or completely lost.

Our important life hack includes the following advice: after buying new devices in your home, put warranty coupons and manuals in one box — better in a folder. So, they are at hand when they need them.

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