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HelpfulItems That Shouldn’t Be Inserted into the Dishwasher

January 4, 2021by asgadmin

You are happy to have a dishwasher after your guests left, and you found dozens of dirty dishes on the table. This kitchen appliance was invented to save time. But one problem appears: not all items can be put into this washing device. The reason for it is damage caused to these things or the dishwasher. Let’s consider the items that are banned from placing into this appliance.

Wooden items

Your wooden things can be bent and warped due to hot water and the heat. Besides, boiling-hot water can change the finish of your wooden items, dulling the look of your utensils, cutting boards, and bowls. So, to keep these items functional and beautiful, be convinced to hand wash them and air dry.

Vintage dinnerware

Vintage cups, plates, and other items can make your kitchen gorgeous, but you should preserve them from putting into the dishwasher. Because all peculiarities such as detailed patterns, colors, and gold trim from antique or vintage pieces can all be faded.

Moreover, detergent for this appliance can be too rough on your vintage ware. Try to maintain the value and beautiful finish of your vintage items. Porcelain and ceramic vintage may appear to be hand-painted, and it cannot be safe in your dishwasher.

Crystal glasses

Crystalware should be hand washed. Much heat and hot water can make cracks, chips, or even break your fragile crystal. So, it is better to wash your crystal glasses and dishes lightly by hand.

Copper utensils

Copper pans and pits shouldn’t be placed into your dishwasher. The finish can be darkened by the conditions inside your dishwasher. You’d better hand wash these things using a mild soap.

Cast-iron frying pans

When you want to make the dinner more impressive you may use a cast-iron frying pan. The problem consists in the washing process. If you aim your frying pan to look well you shouldn’t put it in a dishwasher as it can be damaged because of rustling. The best way to wash such cookware is:

  • do it manually,
  • wait until it dries,
  • wipe with a soft fabric.

Thermoses & insulated cups

People like drinking hot tea or coffee while walking, but you can lose such an opportunity by putting your thermos or insulated cup in the dishwasher. These cooking things have a special structure namely two layers, and while washing in the dishwasher water can fill the space between coats. It will cancel their main features.

Nonstick items

Always take care of your pans, cookie sheets, or other non-stick items while washing them. Nonstick items of some brands can be placed into the dishwasher, but others cannot. It is important to read the producer’s instructions before you think about putting a piece in the dishwasher. If you put the item into the dishwasher, you’ll ruin the nonstick coating forever.

Graters and sieves

Graters and sieves have small holes that are used for some important actions while cooking. These small holes can be easily blocked by particles that are found in the dishwasher during the washing process.

Therefore, all dishes can become clean, but sieve or grater will play the role of magnet catching all small particles into it. Clean them with a soft brush and warm water. If you want to keep these items safe, you should take the time and patience to clean the delicate items.

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