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HomeRepair of American Range-Branded Appliances

When most of the household brands began their story in the 1930s or at least in the 1940s, American Range started its development only during the Second World War and the postwar period. At that time Americans aspire to obtain the things of the first necessity like clothes, kitchen devices, furniture, etc.

American Range is a family brand that appeared due to the inventiveness of mister Mourad Demirjian, the founder of the renowned kitchen appliance company. Even before the war, he created curious things for the comfort of his family. It was a legendary story when Mr. Mourad invented a diesel-fueled heater to make a house in winter warmer.

A cold American region where the Demirjian family lived was inhospitable for inhabitants because the icy wind blew all the warms from homes and bring wetness. Mr. Mourad invented a special heater with a constant flame fueled by diesel. The construction was notable with a well-thought fume-transition system with the help of the louvers, a metal welded chamber, and panels that produced heat.

Almost all the local people began to discuss a useful invention of the Demirjian family. It was a starting point of the future chef appliance company based in the USA because the later models of this unique heater contained a glass window (like a fireplace imitation) and a special plate for cooking food. Mister Mourad continued the installation of his innovation through and throughout the town till the II World War beginning.

The American Range brand appeared only in the late 60s. The model range consisted of the technical units for professional cooking procedures. Anyone could become a real chef in his or her kitchen. High-grade steel and other materials used for this equipment. Some models still have the ultimate design or are single-copied. If you aim to become an owner of high-level residential kitchen appliances, choose the American Range brand.

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